About me


My name is Federica Montella.

I am an eToro Popular Investor.

I have a Master’s degree in Economics and trades.

My work experiences are in accountancy and sales.

For the past 3 years, after the completion of several professional and technical courses, I have been trading in the financial markets.

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Food and Restaurants

One of my biggest passion is my love for good food. When choosing a restaurant is very important to read the reviews before booking and even if they are excellent it can happen that you exit the restaurant very disappointed.
That has happened to me many times, unfortunately. So, I have decided to share my honest and fair opinion about my restaurant experiences and the food in general that I personally try.

The reviews are going to follow a simple scheme to give you a complete idea and hopefully help you choose the best place for your occasion. It will include information on location, atmosphere/decor, menu/type of cuisine, service/price and my recommendation. To be clear I am going to share pictures and videos of the dishes and ambience.



It is the only way that allows your money to grow and beat inflation.

If you want to be wealthy investing needs to be a must!


It can be not easy finding the perfect dress or shoes, book or accessory but when you finally find it you feel great and more confident.

Food and Restaurants

One of my biggest passion is the love of food, in fact, I am on a mission to find the best restaurants and food to eat.


A fun way to build life experiences and get out of your comfort zone.