My eToro Portfolio

PassionForProfit – My eToro Username

I am a full-time trader and a Cadet Popular Investor on eToro, you can find my portfolio under the name PassionForProfit.

Trading and investing play a key role in my life because it allows me to be more independent and having control of my finances makes me feel successful.

You can find below relevant information about my investment portfolio.

My Investment Strategy

I use fundamental and technical analysis.
My strategy is to open new positions at discounted prices and I tend to close positions only in profit.
I rebalance the portfolio periodically, depending on the market conditions. I avoid leverage.

I use the Momentum strategy: I follow the trend, I go long when the trend is bullish, and I go short when the trend is bearish.

Portfolio Allocation

ETFs, mainly U.S. tech stocks, gold, silver and cash. I don’t invest directly in cryptocurrencies, but I have only a small exposure to the Grayscale Bitcoin ETF.


Portfolio Risk Score

I’m aiming to keep the risk score below level 5


Holding period for investors

Medium to long-term investment: from 1 to 3 years.


Portfolio’s Performance

2021: +7.09%

2022: -22.54%

2023: +0.37% year to date


Copiers and AUC

Currently, 14 people are investing in my portfolio and I have less than $50,000 of assets under copy.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to start investing in my portfolio

Requirements to start

  • A bank account or a credit or debit card
  • Capital ready to invest in your account
  • A copy of your ID (front and back) such as passport or driving license
  • A recent proof of address like a copy of your bank statement or a utility bill where is possible to see your full name and the full address


If you are new to eToro you can register for free by clicking the following link: eToro

Type your Username, email and password And then click on “Create account”



Once you have completed the registration, confirm your email address and access the eToro website using your username and password


Once you have logged in, click on “Deposit Funds”, on the menu on the left-hand side.

Verify your account

Since you are a new user, only the first time you will need to provide some personal information in order to verify your identity. Fill in your info as in the example screenshots below.


Type Name, Surname, Gender and Birthday



Insert your address, City, Country, Place of Birth, Citizenship and National Insurance number.



Once you submit your answers, the eToro team will verify your info and approve your account (it might take days). In the meantime, you should be able to start investing up to 2000 EUR. After the verification, you can deposit additional funds without limits.

Deposit funds

Click again on the “Deposit Funds” button, insert the amount you want to deposit, select your currency and choose your preferred payment method.

Once your payment is confirmed, you can see the amount deposited in USD at the bottom of the Portfolio page. Now you are ready to invest.

Copy trader

On the search bar on the top, type PassionForProfit and click on my profile.



It will appear a popup message, only for the first time. Just click on Confirm to continue.

Type the amount you want to invest, click on “Edit”, then click on “Ratio”. On the ratio box, select 5%.

Tick the box “copy open trades” and confirm.


Check portfolio performance

Once the copy is started, click on Portfolio from the menu and you will see a row indicating the amount invested and the actual profit/loss.

When you open the copy for the first time you will see a performance of about -2%. This is normal, it’s because of the spread between the buy and sell prices. It will go into profit in the upcoming days.

You can check the status of the investment from the Portfolio page. You can also check from the mobile app.

Just to remind you that this investment is for the long term (months or even years), so you don’t really need to check the performance every day, you can check once a month for example.

How to add new funds to the copy

When you want to add more funds to the copy, click on the wheel icon on the right-hand side of the copy and click on “Add Funds”.

Choose the amount to add and click on “Deposit Now” Remember to tick the “Copy Open Trades” box.

Investment Strategy

• I suggest investing at least 1000 USD, in order to get a better return. Anyway, I suggest you add new funds each month.

• I also suggest keeping the capital invested for at least 1 year. I recommend investing only the money that you don’t need for your necessities, however, the capital can be disinvested and withdrawn at any time.

• You can deposit and withdraw the capital in any currency (euro, pound, dollar, etc), but the capital will always be converted into USD (dollars)

• You can deposit and withdraw via bank transfer or debit/credit card

How to remove funds from the copy

If you want to remove funds from the open copy, click on the wheel icon on the right-hand side of the copy and click on “Remove Funds”


Choose the amount to remove from the copy and click on “Update”.


How to withdraw funds

From the menu on the left click on “Withdraw Funds”.

Choose the amount to withdraw and click on “Continue”.  You might be charged a fee depending on your account.

You will get the capital back into your bank account in a few days.


If you have any questions or need support about this opportunity you can contact me via email or social media channels.


Please read the disclaimer as I am not a financial advisor.