Tasting Menu Experience at Donna Elvira Restaurant Since 1952 in San Marco di Castellabate, Italy

Tastes of Cilento (Italy)


During my stay at the Approdo Resort Thalasso Spa in San Marco di Castellabate (Italy) I had the chance to dine at the Donna Elvira Restaurant since 1952.

The restaurant is located inside the resort in front of the tourist harbour.


The restaurant opened its door in 1952 serving mainly fresh fish from the boat arriving in the harbour.

It is the same philosophy that has inspired today’s menu. The setting tables are located on the garden terrace, the light is remarkably soft with a candle on each table.

The atmosphere is relaxed and romantic, in the background, you can hear the waves of the sea.

Staff and service

All of the team members were professional and attentive.

The menu has been well presented as well as each dish that has been served.

Cuisine Type

The cuisine is Italian, in particular, the dishes are composed of local products from Cilento where tradition is the focus.

The chef is Gerardo Manisera.

We have decided to eat the tasting menu called “Essenza”, an 8-course meal to enjoy the full experience of the freshly local sourced ingredients. You can find each dish below.


As a welcome gift, we have been offered a glass of bubbles.

Bread and oil

The selection of bread included grissini, the loaf with mother yeast and little gems with rosemary. The Olive oil comes from the Cilento region


A skewer of Parma ham, seared and stuffed with Buffalo mozzarella, served with melon jelly.

Low-temperature cooked octopus tentacles with potatoes and olives

Mezzi Rigatoni Pasta with Courgette flowers, Buffalo Mozzarella Cream and Almonds

Spaghetti, Buffalo Butter, Anchovies and Tasty Bread Crumbs

Cod, black and white chickpeas and peppers

Pre dessert

A scoop of artisanal ice cream with almond and mandarin


Ruffled tart with Rum-flavoured Buffalo Ricotta mousse, Pears and Chocolate

Petit four

Chocolate with caramel and sea salt, white chocolate truffle, basket with custard and coffee beans.

My Opinion

If you are looking to taste the real Cilentana kitchen look no further, this restaurant is the right place. The location is perfect for a romantic dinner and if you are staying at the resort I strongly recommend dining here.

Positive note: the dishes are cooked with respect for the local ingredients

Negative note: I think in the tasting menu should be added a meat course





My Review

Food: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Overall: 4.3/5

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