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Hello and welcome to the July 2023 eToro Portfolio Update.
My eToro username is PassionForProfit.

Macro stats

The risk score of my portfolio is 3, which is very low.
Currently, 13 people are copying my portfolio.
I am a Cadet Popular Investor.

Annual performances

My portfolio in July has gone up by 1.29%.

Monthly Update

July has been a positive month for the US stock market.

All three major indexes closed the month in profit.

The positive movement has been driven by the technological sector.

Investors, in particular, are buying the stocks of companies that have announced huge investments in the Artificial Intelligence


Currently, the US stock market is bullish and not worried about potential new interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.

Instead, the investors are expecting a soft landing scenario where inflation returns to its 2% target without causing a recession.

Inflation, in fact, has slowed down while the labour market and other economic data are still solid.

August, however, is historically a weaker month with lower volumes due to the summer holidays.

Asset Allocation

The current asset allocation of my portfolio is:

  • 23% Stocks
  • 41% ETFs
  • 36% Cash

Strategy Update

Last month I closed some trades in profit.

I have mainly long positions in stocks open in my portfolio.

I have some cash in my balance, which I will use to open new positions at the right time.

The risk score of my portfolio remains at level 3.


These are my recommendations for copiers and anyone who wants to invest in my portfolio:

1. Be patient and remain calm
2. Keep the copy open for long term
3. Invest more than 1000 USD
If you have less than 1000 USD, you can start with a lower amount now and add more later.
If you can, keep adding funds to the copy every month.


My 2023 goals are:

  • To close this year in profit
  • Keeping the risk score low
  • To become a Champion Popular Investor


In Summary, last month my portfolio closed in profit.

The portfolio risk score is low and remains at level 3.

I am expecting 2023 to be a positive year for my portfolio.

Now is a good time to start investing in my portfolio if you are new, or you can add more funds to your copy if you are already a copier.

Get in touch

I would like to take this occasion to thank all my copiers for your trust.
If you have any questions or feedback get in touch via email or social media.

Federica Montella
eToro Popular Investor

How to copy my portfolio

If you want to invest in my portfolio, please follow these steps:

1. Create a new account on eToro, via the following link https://federicamontella.com/go/etoro/
2. Go to my eToro profile: https://federicamontella.com/go/etoro-passionforprofit/
3. Click on COPY

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Author: Federica Montella
eToro Popular Investor, food lover and blogger. Stock trader and Popular Investor at eToro. I am on a mission to find the best restaurants and food to eat.