March 2022 eToro Portfolio Update


Hello and welcome to March 2022 eToro Portfolio Update. My username is PassionForProfit.

My portfolio in March has gone up by 0.18%. Currently, 13 people are copying my portfolio. I am a Cadet Popular Investor.

The month of March closed almost at breakeven with a slight profit of 0.18%.
The markets remain very volatile due to the current international situation that is still uncertain and cause market movements.

The US equity market (S&P 500) rallied from the recent lows in March and there is still bullish sentiment.
This is a confirmation that we are still in a bull market and the recent drop was just a correction.
Statistically, April has been a positive month for equities, in the past, but it’s not guaranteed.
A small pullback is very likely and if that is followed by a price consolidation above the 200 moving average, we could see new all-time highs in the stock market in April or May.
Bonds, instead, are currently oversold and are starting to roll back up, that’s why I have added some bond positions to my portfolio, also to diversify and hedge against a potential drop in the upcoming months.

These are the monthly and annual performances of my portfolio.

The Asset allocation of my portfolio is:
40% Stocks
22% ETFs
38% Cash

Based on my strategy, last month I closed the position of some high-risk assets.
I have added some hedge assets such as bonds, inverse equity and the volatility index
I have, also, deposited new funds into the portfolio.

These are my recommendations for copiers and anyone who wants to invest in my portfolio:
– Be patient
– Keep the copy open for long term
– Invest at least 1000 USD

My 2022 goals are:
– To close the year in profit
– To reduce the risk score to 5
– To become a Champion Popular Investor

In Summary, March has been a positive month, I have Increased portfolio diversification and I remain bullish in the short term.

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Federica Montella
Popular Investor presso eToro

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Author: Federica Montella
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