September 2022 eToro Portfolio Update

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Hello and welcome to the September 2022 eToro Portfolio Update.
My eToro username is PassionForProfit.

My portfolio in September has gone up by 4.17%.
Currently, 14 people are copying my portfolio.
I am a Cadet Popular Investor.

The month of September closed with a profit of 4.17%.
My portfolio is finally recovering and I’m still aiming to close this year in profit.

For the stock market, the month of September has been negative, with a big sell-off and new lows have been reached for this year.
My portfolio, instead, performed really well because I have made a profit using the selling short trades.

In the last 2 days, there has been a short squeeze on the stock market.
In fact, stocks were previously oversold and investor sentiment was very negative.
This has fuelled a big rally in stocks, which could potentially keep going up until the 200-day moving average, at most.
However, I remain cautious as the overall trend is still negative. I will wait for prices to go up and then potentially open new short positions.
We haven’t reached the bottom of the market since the FED is still hiking interest rates, reducing the balance sheet and the inflation is still high.

The current asset allocation of my portfolio is:

  • 33% Stocks
  • 33% ETFs
  • 34% Cash

Based on my forecast and analysis, I continue to make some small changes to the portfolio.
I have closed some short positions in profit and I am reducing the exposure to equities, when possible.
I raised my cash in balance, which I am planning to use to open new short positions on stocks, but I am waiting for the right time.
I am not planning to open new long positions in stocks, at the moment.
I also reduced the portfolio risk score to level 4.

These are my recommendations for copiers and anyone who wants to invest in my portfolio:

  • Be patient and remain calm
  • Keep the copy open for long term
  • Invest at least 1000 USD
    If you have less than 1000 USD, you can start with a lower amount now and add more later.
    If you can, keep adding funds to the copy every month.

My 2022 goals are:

  • To close the year in profit
  • Keeping the risk score low
  • To become a Champion Popular Investor.

In Summary, last month my portfolio performed better than the US stocks index.
This is because I have opened short positions on stocks and profited from the bearish trend.
I keep monitoring the market on a daily basis.

Thank you for watching this video.
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See you in the next video. Bye.

Federica Montella
Popular Investor presso eToro

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Author: Federica Montella
eToro Popular Investor, food lover and blogger. Stock trader and Popular Investor at eToro. I am on a mission to find the best restaurants and food to eat.