Top 4 events to look at today, for traders

The following are the top events that we need to take into consideration today.

1. China’s growth expectation low 

China’s economic activity is struggling due to protests against the lockdown to combat the new outbreak of Covid-19.

There is a chance that the forecast for China’s economic growth has to be cut by The International Monetary Fund following the actual economic scenario.

2. Fed’s decision

Based on the latest speech of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard the interest-rate hikes should be continued until we reach a level of economic restriction. Only then, there will be a possibility to return to a normal monetary policy in 2023, he said.

3. Investors are cautious

Yesterday, the S&P 500 was down -0.16% and the Nasdaq dropped -0.73%. Only the Dow Jones closed with a slight profit of +0.01%.

Investors are cautious and are looking forward to hearing from Fed’s president regarding the US monetary policy today.

4. Jerome Powell’s speech

All investors’ attention is on what Jerome Powell is going to say about the Fed’s policies to reduce inflation and their effectiveness.

He is planning to comment today at 6:30 PM GMT.

Markets can be impacted and could become more volatile.


I hope you find this information helpful, please let me know your opinion.


Federica Montella

eToro Popular Investor


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