Top 5 economic events to look at for this week

The following are the top 5 economic events happening this week.

1. United States Durable Good Orders

This data shows us the change in the total value of new orders of products that can be stored or inventoried with a minimum life of three years.
The Fed wants to see this data fall, in order to be sure that the interest rate hikes they have implemented, in order to reduce inflation, are working correctly.

2. The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)

The Index (PMI) measures the prevailing direction of the economic trends in the manufacturing sector.
It is important to see if it will be higher or lower than expected to take the next trading decisions.

3. USA Housing price

America’s house prices are dropping due to the sharp rise in mortgage rates.
This is a direct consequence of the Fed’s monetary policy.

4. U.S. Initial Jobless Claims

It is a measure of the number of people who filed a claim for unemployment for the first time during the past week.
Low data is a sign of a wealthy economy and contrary a high data is a negative sign.

5. Thanksgiving week

Volatility, during this time of holiday, will be low.
The volume of the trades could be lower than usual as we are approaching Thanksgiving.


I hope you find this information helpful, please let me know your opinion.

Federica Montella

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