You will soon be charged to use Facebook and Instagram

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You will soon be charged to use Facebook and Instagram

No, it’s not a joke this time is real.

The company behind them, Meta, plans to launch a subscription option in the next few months
to offer an ad-free experience.

The subscription would cost around €10 per month on desktop, with additional linked accounts at €6 each. On mobile devices, it would cost around €13 per month due to app store commissions.

Do you remember when CEO Mark Zuckerberg, previously said that the core services offered by Facebook and Instagram will always be free?

Well, there has been a change because he is trying to comply with evolving regulations in the European Union

This option is currently available only for European users, as it’s a response to EU regulations.

Regulators will decide if Meta’s plan complies with EU laws, considering whether the prices are reasonable for users who don’t want personalized ads.

You can still use Instagram and Facebook for free with personalized ads of course.

Let’s see what the regulators decide.

Are you going to pay to use Facebook and Instagram without ads? Let me know in the comments

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